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Sample Course Product Package

This is an example of a Course Product Package - open me for more details on setup and usage.

The simpler version of the Course Product is generally OK where you expect your visitors to select discrete item(s) from the list of available items; they can even add several instances of the Product with a different item selected each time and often this is the best approach. But if, for example, you are running a three day coaching camp where each day might have a different price and a different level of Inventory, a Product Package might be the way to go.

This is even more relevant when you are looking to sell a mixed package of Products but want to make it quick and easy for visitors, e.g. attend one or more of a range of coaching sessions, optionally purchase some merchandise or equipment, attend a formal dinner afterwards.

Examples might include Specialist Coaching, 1-2-1s, Summer Camps, and Coach Education. You would most likely only look to collect data to identify the person for whom the Product has been purchased, but as with the Simple Course Product, you might also need to collect medical and emergency contact data.

Firstly, please tell us a little bit about the applicant...

Next, please tell us how to get in touch with the applicant and their parent/ carer...

We may need to contact you or another responsible adult in an emergency; we may also need to seek medical assistance, so please CAREFULLY complete the details below...

Almost finished, just the formalities to complete...

Please make your selection of the days you want to attend from the list below.
NOTE TO VENDORS: Each sub-Product can have its own independent inventory...

Products in package

Day One: Sample Product Package


Header Text

Product Descriptions are not displayed on sub-Products so add informational text via Options Headers like this one. Put all essential information on the Parent Product...
I Want to Attend: Yes 
Day Two: Sample Product Package


Header Text

HURRY! As we only have one coach available today we can only offer five places...
I Want to Attend: Yes 
Day Three: Sample Product Package


Header Text

Please bring a packed lunch today as the Bar will not be open for hot snacks...
I Want to Attend: Yes